Friday, January 27, 2017

Interview With Matthew Bell

Matthew Bell interviewed by Joseph Miller on 'St. Louis Faith Journeys.' Topics include: Matthew's reversion back to Catholicism from Protestantism, theistic 'indifferentism,' the spiritually deleterious effect of pornography, and the Reformation doctrine of 'Sola Scriptura.'

This program was recorded, and originally aired, in July of 2015.


  1. Christianity In Proper Context

    Christianity (worship of TRUTH [= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6]) merely needs be seen in proper context. I come to Christianity and appreciate it fm the military pt. of view, the Church militant, Christianity thus integrating the people and society against enemy satanism (extreme subjectivism, making oneself God) as we have before us presently, satanism mass-murdering the people by the various means, as of GMO foods, poison vaccines, poison prescription drugs, poison "chem-trails," aside fm all the other satanic oppression(s), but the satanic purpose being actually quite plain, as Agenda-21 "de-population." These foregoing are the slow-kill methods being imposed; there are other methods too.

    Thus without this satanic threat, there would hardly be any urgent need for Christianity, the people rather dispersing and branching-out to the Protestant forms, the original victory over satanism fm the medieval stage of history, for example, having been so successful, the corrupted Church official-dom itself becoming seen as the major problem and enemy of the people rendering the "Reformation."

    Unfortunately for the world the satanists have become and are still strong, the recent election of Trump merely putting into place a slightly diff. faction of satanists, Trump having overthrown the "globalists," but featuring now "Israel first"--not "America first," really, excepting only "America" as servant/instrument of Israel and Jews. At least we see distinct signs and even spectacle of satanist masters at top fighting one another, there being "NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES."

    So this, above expo, is good, brief demonstration of PURPOSE of Christianity, things thus seen/understood properly in perspective and context. For note Christianity is mere means to an end, though it is such an excellent means, it should be understood in thorough-going manner, beginning w. first principles, truth vs. lies, etc.


    1. Christianity In Cultural Perspective, Context, Hegelian Anti-Thesis To satanism

      Hence then, to recap above general expo on Christianity, worship of TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), the only way to Godly happiness, one must remember such precious Christianity must be seen in proper context--against satanism, extreme subjectivism, rendering the hubristic false God.

      Psychologically, one observes such satanism/subjectivism then is so often mere descent into gross psychosis, as in psychopathy, sociopathy, and narcissism.

      BUT, observe how such subjectivism is made so serviceable for organized collectives, beginning w. such as the (free) masons, and most notoriously, Jews/Talmudists (distinguished fm Judeans, which equivocation Jews so often want to invite, induce, and suggest). See for expo on Talmud.

      For note the historic attraction to war-gods, like the Babylonian Marduk. Jew God is just another of these war-gods, the purpose being warfare. And indeed, observe the Talmudic purpose and orientation: WAR AGAINST HUMANITY, reason, justice, etc.

      So what then is it that most promotes such anti-human satanism/subjectivism?--"PROSPERITY" which then leads to the great hubris of the population, they pretending to godliness and ability to create reality, "moral virtue," and (non-existent) "good" by which one attains to heaven, capable of demanding a place fm God himself--Pelagian heresy, among Christians.

      So this observing of satanism (extreme SUBJECTIVISM), but esp. the organized collectivist sort which makes it most practical and effective, is then the necessary context for Christianity. And the greater the satanist cultural impulse and effect, ONLY THEN does one see the corresponding imperative for Christian insight and virtue, the ethic following fm the metaphysical ideal and principle, OBJECTIVE (Aristotelian) reality.

      Thus for example, "pornography" is mere manifestation of the natural and innate human appetite and can only be MANAGED by means of human reason, for there's no "good-evil" in a determined, objective reality. Pornography then is how God tricks the human beast into reproduction, trigger for the emotional impulse, part of the necessary animal nature which must be properly integrated w. proper management, reason, etc.

      And that "good-evil" fallacy/delusion, implanted within the young is the classic pretext for one's later satanism, narcissism, sociopathy, as it's later developed, promoted, and exploited by establishment satanists of the culture--as we see in present-day "Vatican" (not to be confused w. "church," properly understood), including present satanic pope, Bergoglio, pushing "climate-change" lies, world gov., etc.

      And the ultimate LIE/fraud is the criminal enterprise known as CENTRAL-BANKING, legalized counterfeiting, by which politicians and judges, along w. everyone/everything else, are bought-up by the satanist masterminds at the top.

      Thus there'd be no necessity of, or place for Christianity and its essential philosophy without the corresponding and complementary (Hegelian) anti-thesis, satanism, worship of lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44), based upon extreme subjectivism, thus Talmudism, etc.

      Thus we see Christianity vs. satanism in a veritable "Yin-Yang," alternating sort of relation, in accord w. Hegelian Thesis-antithesis, including the ancient notion of "oppositions" by Anaximander of Miletus, follower of Thales--it's finest sociologic description is surely Spengler's "Decline of the West."

  2. Why/How Is Satanism So Brilliantly, Stupendously Successful?

    Observe the brilliant, nearly fool-proof success of satanism (extreme subjectivism)--so HOW does this happen?

    First, remember how satanism begins to breed and thrive: the proliferation of stupid scum, the inferior off-spring of a successful culture/civilization, like the ancient Romans, the original generation being brave, heroic, and honest, BUT then steadily breeding-up stupid scum who wouldn't otherwise have been able to survive on their own, eventually and now over-populating the culture, overcome w. HUBRIS, imagining they're "good," fatal pretext for hubris and subjectivism.

    And as the hubris of these evermore over-populated puke generations grow, so does the breeding-ground for satanism and satanists, as we see, now in USA (Jew S A), insisting upon idiot "tolerance" and "diversity," bringing-in Jews.

    And note then the stupid scum won't ADMIT to the existence of this satanism--mainly because they're sooo stupid, they can't figure-out and grasp the simplicity of such satanic culture, subjectivism and fallacious, delusionary "good-evil," such idiot delusion (of "good") FIERCELY defended by these stupid ****s.

    And too few of these dumb, brainless scum--as we see today--REFUSE TO ADMIT EVEN THE EXISTENCE of such satanism. Just as the Christians of yore noted that greatest advantage of satanism was refusal to believe in existence of satan. Today, problem is satanism, extreme subjectivism.

    Further, note many, if not most, such subjectivists are easily written-off as mere psychos, but the successful element to such subjectivism/satanism is the COLLECTIVISTIC sort--as of the masons and Jews, highly organized and well-led, accounting then for their success in midst of the cultural chaos ("Tower of Babel" conditions), finally obtaining in CENTRAL-BANKING, legalized counterfeiting--see for expo. And see for expo on Jews, Talmud.

    1. Greatest Present Horror?--People Have Forgotten Christianity, That It's Anti-satanic--Thus SATANISM RULES

      Problem, horror, and situation is satanism rules, that's fact, Jack, and most people either don't know or don't care, and this is what the satanists want as they go on merrily about their business, satanists controlling the central-bank, legalized counterfeiting by which they do practically what they pls, like killing the people by slow-kill methods, poison vaccines, GMO foods, poison drugs, poison "chem-trails," etc., all according to their "agenda-21" and latest "agenda-30" de-population programs. See for expo on central-banking.

      Additionally, people have nearly TOTALLY forgotten what Christianity is all about: truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against satanic lies (JOHN 8:44).

      For satanism is extreme subjectivism by which it's held reality is mere product of mind/consciousness, making the subject God, the creator--which people are encouraged to ignore, diverted w. numerology and other idiot mysticism, (a).

      (b) And further, people are thus diverted fm idea that COLLECTIVISTIC subjectivism is the typical method of criminals by which they're organized and led, these subjectivists then most practical, effective, and stupendously SUCCESSFUL. Witness success of the criminals behind central-banking which simply legalistically counterfeits the currency (not real "money"), literally, these satanists now owning/controlling everything and everybody, esp. the politicians and judges, including the establishment churches, entertainment, and Jews-media, keeping people confused, bewildered, ignorant, and esp. diverted and distracted.