Saturday, October 31, 2015

For the Fun of It

Americans seem to have a preoccupation with "fun." However, the word has a checkered history, etymologically speaking.

As noted by Douglas Harper, its earliest uses are bound up with notions of trickery.

"fun (n.) ...'a cheat, trick' (c. 1700), from verb fun (1680s) 'to cheat, hoax,' which is of uncertain origin, probably a variant of Middle English fonnen 'befool' (c. 1400...). Scantly recorded in 18c. and stigmatized by Johnson as 'a low cant word.' Older senses are preserved in phrase 'to make fun of' (1737) and 'funny money' [designating] 'counterfeit bills' (1938, though this use of the word may be more for the sake of the rhyme). ...1680s, 'to cheat' ...mid-15c., 'foolish, silly' ..."[1]

Of course, the Tarot trumps begin with the Fool - emblazoned with the 0. About the word, Aleister Crowley noted: "...'Fool' is derived from 'follis,' a wind-bag."[2]

For information on the veiled meaning of the phrase "Sow Your Wild Oats," see "Sometimes, Sayings Say More than The Sayer Wants Said.".


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[2] Master Therion [Aleister Crowley], The Book of Thoth, reprint ed., Stamford, Ct.: U.S. Games Sys., Inc., 1996, p. 53.


  1. Soon Enough, "Fun" Will Be Reduced To Bare Survival

    Yes, we Americans, Westerners, and humans, like the old Romans, are sinners--always have been and always will be--why?--because God created us as creatures of WILL, to be guided then by reason (TRUTH, according to Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), if and as possible, but regardless, without reason we're still and always will be creatures of will.

    And what do we (through human will) seek?--whatever--and what is that?--well, what gives us pleasure or happiness--SELF-INTEREST (whatever that might be)--that's why we're such gosh-darned sinners, doggone it--because we don't always reason, it being too easy to leave off with, continuing on w. what merely "feels good." Reason requires effort (will), which is too hard to always maintain, too easy to neglect.

    Thus Christianity holds the summum bonum to be God, or knowledge thereof, which includes "fun," the only way to getting there being TRUTH (= Christ), the Holy Spirit thus entailing and including REASON, the means to truth, truth (= Christ) the means to God. But it's got to be HONEST reason, for Jews pervert and corrupt reason in all their hubris, making themselves co-equal w. God, they being God's purpose, God their mere slave (gross hubris).

    Notice also, this Pharisaism, hubris, and satanism (extreme subjectivism) is the ideal of masonry--"illuminism." Thus Christian truth is founded necessarily upon Aristotelian ("God-given") objective reality, necessary basis of truth. Jew lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44) is founded upon SUBJECTIVISM, the idea that reality is whatever someone wants it to be. And Jews ALWAYS rule in subjectivist society as Jews are so "united," organized, COLLECTIVISTIC--don't forget, they literally invented bolshevism and "scientific socialism."

    So, we strive to temper will w. reason, reason w. honesty, "integrity" then being that virtue of honest reason that thereupon, w. practice and "piety," pervades throughout the spirit, conscious and subconscious, which gives that integrity, thus virtue of Holy Spirit.

    But what happens?--we suffer HUBRIS, that idea of a perfectly "free" human will, but which perfection only God has, we being subject to determinist sinfulness, crass, un-thinking obsession w. whatever mindless pleasure, happiness, "fun"--a kind of cheap "fun" now separated fm Godly happiness, more bound w. the "flesh."

    -----------[END OF PART ONE--SEE PART 2, BELOW-----------------

    1. -----------------------[HERE'S PART 2 TO ABOVE-------------------

      But we MUST have that "fun" and then suffer, for only thus do we learn virtue of reason, temperance, and moderation--HOLY SPIRIT--and necessity thereof. Life SUCKS--Greek "tragedy"--and so it is for Christians too, we see.

      So then what's the typical COURSE, sociologically, and according to Oswald Spengler ("Decline of the West"), for such tragedy, sin, and hubris?--well, it's the usual Pharisaism--pretending to "good," Pelagian heresy as analyzed by dear old St. Augustine. And this socially-generated hubris is always typified by cultural success, (military) "victory," and "prosperity," as we see.

      The original generation is truly heroic, brave, honest (as humanly possible, of course) and productive, like the Romans of the old Republic, but w. success and military victories of their culture they breed up following generations of weaklings who wouldn't otherwise have been able to prevail and survive. And what happens?--they suffer inevitable HUBRIS, the pretense of a perfectly "free," God-like will by which they pretend to the typical Pharisaist and non-existent "good" and "evil"--Pelagian heresy.

      Thus, the now over-populated fools and weaklings who presently pre-dominate and prevail in the culture allow the Jews and satanism (subjectivism) to infiltrate and take-over, esp. by means of central-banking legalized COUNTERFEITING, Jews eventually owning/controlling EVERYTHING and everybody, as we see.

      So now the culture is DOOMED to perpetual warfare and "DE-POPULATION," this in accord w. "Agenda 21" of Jews' United Nations. For the weaklings and inferiors who've brought in the Pharisaism must be exterminated--they're simply over-populated--just as when drought comes to the savannah of Africa, the population of zebras, and giraffes must reduce.

      So we sinners GOTTA have some fun, but sometimes, it's reduced to simply, merely surviving--as it's gonna get very sad, drastic, and desperate, soon, soon, as US Dollar and economy continue to collapse, the Jew/satanic overlords planning horrific warfare, false-flags, famine, pestilence, and terror-events up-coming, never doubt. Life is war and (Greek) tragedy, and every respite fm it is "fun," even though we might not think of it that way.