Monday, June 8, 2015

WWBS - What Would Bill Say?

Elise Andrew's legions of parrots might want to update their statuses from “I F****** Love Science” to “It's Complicated.”

What would William "Bill" Nye say? More importantly, what should Bill say? To put it another way, what ought any self-respecting (albeit self-proclaimed) “science guy” (or gal) say about the strange case of Bruce (“Caitlyn”) Jenner?

A plausible scientific starting-point would be to simply ask the following questions. What are the relevant genes? Is the sex-determining gene an 'x' or a 'y'?

“How is Bruce Jenner a woman? ...[Presumably, h]is DNA is that of a man.”[1]

I thought that it was Sci-way or the highway?

Suddenly, it seems that it's: “Genetics? Schmenetics!”

“Reality is outlawed. Illusion rules our supposedly science-based, post-modernist world.”[2]


[1] Michael Hoffman, “Bruce Jenner is Not a Woman: He’s a Chemically and Surgically Castrated Female Impersonator,” Revisionist History, June 4, 2015, <>.


Disclaimer: The topmost image lays a caption over Bill Nye's visage for dramatic purposes. It is meant to be ironic. So far as I can ascertain, Bill Nye never uttered or otherwise communicate the words that are therein displayed.

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